Buy Fresh, Buy Local !!

Had a lovely morning checking out the Kuraby farmers markets with my family starting off by having a delicious breakfast in the outdoor food court. Its was such a great atmosphere with lots of fresh local produce, international and local food stands, live entertainment, giftwares, crystals, plants and jewelry.
We got all this amazing produce for under $65 plus a free dozen free-range eggs for my boys for spending over $40 bonus we will defiantly be going back.
I discovered fresh sugar cane juice with pineapple and passionfruit it was so delish and refreshing plus it has multiple nutritional benefits such as being low on glycemic index it helps keep the body fit and healthy, beneficial for preventing as well as treating a sore throat cold and flu, sugarcane has no simple sugar and it can be enjoyed by some diabetics, being alkaline in nature sugarcane juice can help the body in fighting against cancer especially prostate and breast cancer, sugarcane provides glucose to the body which is stored as glycogen and burned by the muscles whenever they require energy, also is believed to strengthen stomach, kidneys, heart, eyes, brain and sex organs, it also clears the urinary flow and helps the kidneys to perform its functions smoothly and aids in kidney stones it is also said to speed up the recovery process after jaundice as well.

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